Let's Talk About Me & You
Chapter 1: About Me
That's me. No, not him - that's the great Tony Robbins. I'm standing next to him. Like Tony, I love motivating others. Unfortunately, that's pretty much where the similarities end...

What I can offer, however, is vast experience of writing and editing easily understood content no matter how complex the subject matter. Over the past 25 years, I have covered numerous topics ranging from construction to clay shooting.
Chapter 2: About You
You need someone to take control of your social media marketing - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. - for a fixed monthly fee.

Or maybe you have a one-off project - writing an article for your website, perhaps, or designing a sales funnel like the one you are in right now (clever, eh?).

If you want a big, impersonal agency to do this for you, there are plenty out there. Playnasium Media is just me! If you want one-to-one access to my particular set of skills, contact me now. Tony will probably be busy.
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